Mastering Multichannel Communication: Strategies for Streamlining Your Processes

A group of colleagues work on a communications strategy

Unlock the secrets to mastering multichannel communication with our comprehensive guide, “Strategies for Streamlining Your Processes.” Learn how to develop an effective communication plan, utilize content management systems, monitor performance metrics, and more. Empower your organization to thrive in the digital world with these actionable tips and tools.

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Top 10 Free Tools to Assess Your Website

An image of female and male colleagues assessing their website design using free tools

Discover the top 10 free tools to assess and improve your website. This comprehensive guide covers optimization, usability, accessibility, page speed, and more. These tools offer valuable insights, but for a tailored analysis and recommendations, consider hiring a professional consultant. Learn how to make the most of your website and unlock its full potential with our helpful tips and expert advice.

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Mission Control – New Website Design

Mission Control - Responsive Website Design

Who: Mission Control is a space exploration and robotics company with a focus on mission operations, onboard autonomy, and artificial intelligence. Their belief is the right software can enable more cost effective and efficient missions, and live mission accessibility – the key to democratizing space exploration. How: Mission Control’s recent website redesign project has been […]

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10 Web Design Best Practices for National Association Websites

A female team member working on a new website design for her national association

Based on our long history of working with national associations, we developed these valuable insights for creating effective and user-friendly websites tailored to their unique needs. This article highlights key best practices, including prioritizing usability and accessibility, optimizing for each device resolution, and integrating resource hubs. By implementing these strategies, associations can enhance member engagement, strengthen their online presence, and better serve their industry communities.

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Orthopaedic Surgery: University of Ottawa – New Website Design

The University of Ottawa’s Division of Orthopaedic Surgery - Website Design

Who: The University of Ottawa’s Division of Orthopaedic Surgery has 39 surgeons, 32 of whom are involved with adult orthopaedics and six of whom are dedicated to paediatric orthopaedics at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). How: The University of Ottawa’s Division of Orthopaedic Surgery got in touch with Baytek to create a refresh […]

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Welch LLP – New Website Design

Welch LLP - Responsive WordPress Website Design

Who: Welch LLP is a Chartered Public Accounting firm that has deep roots in the communities it serves. Since 1918, Welch has been providing a wide range of accounting, tax and advisory services to private enterprises, government and not-for-profit businesses. How: Welch LLP approached Baytek to completely refresh their existing web presence. They had outgrown […]

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Innovative Medicines Canada – New Website Design

Innovative Medicines Canada - Website Design

Who: Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC) partners to champion policies that drive the discovery, development, and delivery of transformative medicines and vaccines to all Canadians to live longer and healthier lives. How: IMC, a medical industry association, approached Baytek to provide a complete revamp and redesign of their web presence. This was no small feat, as […]

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Evolving Youth Care – New Brand and Website Design

EYC - Ottawa Web Design

Who: Evolving Youth Care (EYC) is an established Ottawa-based provider of specialized treatment foster, group and respite programs caring for children and youth from all across Ontario, the North and out-of province with individually unique and complex needs. How: EYC came to Baytek in need of a brand vision – they had a story, but […]

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Genfabco – New Brand and Website Design

Genfabco - Responsive Website Design

Who: Founded in 2002, Genfabco is one of North America’s premier exotic alloys fabricator. They work with an extensive network of expert consultants to solve their customer’s unique challenges. How: We took Genfabco through our complete brand and web design process. This started with a discovery session, where we met with the founders of the […]

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Cliffbrake – New Brand and Website Design

Cliffbrake - Responsive Website Design

Who: Cliffbrake is a Regional Group of Companies Inc. affiliate company created by Steve Gordon, the executive Chairman of Regional Group. The purpose of this company (currently known as Gordon Family Investments), is to build wealth for the Gordon family in non-real estate industries including but not limited to, disruptive technologies, renewable energy, precious metals, […]

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