The Top 8 Reasons Great Website Support is Crucial in 2023

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As you well know, websites have evolved from being “digital business cards” to essentially the lifeblood of many organizations. They are not only a first impression, but also how you gain new leads, find potential hires and even generate revenue. However, with this power comes a lot of responsibility. Now, websites simply need to work 100% of the time (let’s say 99.99%, because nothing is perfect). Given this, robust website support – including WordPress hosting, website maintenance, and security updates – is non-negotiable. Here are the top 8 reasons why:

1. Security

In the ever-expanding digital world, cybersecurity is paramount. Regular updates and monitoring help protect your website from threats, preserving your reputation as well as your customer data. Robust website support ensures you have a team ready to tackle any security issues swiftly.

Scenario: A fintech start-up suffered a significant data breach due to outdated security measures. This led to customer data exposure. After partnering with a dedicated website support team to strengthen their cybersecurity, the start-up regained their customers’ trust.

The average cost of a data breach was $4.35M last year, the highest average on record, whereas the average cost of a ransomware attack was $4.54M. (Source: IBM)

2. Maintenance and Bug Fixes

Simply put, websites are complex. Regular maintenance ensures smooth operation, preventing disruptions to user experience. Prompt bug fixes also prevent minor glitches from escalating, maintaining a user-friendly, seamless interface.

Scenario: An online fashion store’s checkout button malfunctioned during a major sale. They quickly contacted their website support team, who swiftly rectified the issue, saving potential sales and customer relationships.

3. Hosting and Uptime Monitoring

Reliable hosting ensures your website is accessible around the clock. Uptime monitoring quickly detects any downtime issues, reducing potential losses and enhancing the customer experience.

Scenario: An environmental nonprofit experienced prolonged website downtime during their annual fundraising event. After employing a website support team to monitor and ensure uptime, the next event saw record-breaking donations.

4. Backups

Regular backups are essential for disaster recovery. In case of data loss or major issues requiring site restoration, a recent backup can be a lifesaver. An efficient website support service will have reliable backup strategies in place.

Scenario: A local news website lost months of content due to a server crash. They learned from this, investing in a website support service that carried out regular backups. When another issue occurred, their content was quickly restored, saving them significant time and effort.

5. Adapting to Technological Changes

Technology, web standards, and best practices are constantly evolving. Regular platform updates and support keep your website current and functional across various devices and browsers. It can also unlock new features that weren’t previously available to your website.

Scenario: A popular restaurant’s website became almost unusable on mobile devices after a significant iOS update. With a professional website support team at their side, the site was promptly updated to function smoothly on all devices. This maintained their popularity and online orders.

6. Website Performance

Your website’s speed and performance significantly impact user experience and search engine rankings. Great website support ensures your website performs optimally by routinely checking and optimizing your site’s speed, load times, proper caching techniques, and overall performance.

Scenario: A popular food blog saw a sudden decrease in page views and higher bounce rates. After analyzing their website, they discovered that their page load speed was significantly slower than the recommended standard. They partnered with a website support team who optimized their site for speed. As a result, their page views increased, the bounce rate decreased, and they regained their position in search engine rankings.

47% of users won’t wait longer than two seconds for a website to load. (Forbes)

7. Training

Comprehensive training allows staff to fully utilize the website’s features and functionalities. Having access to a support team for assistance ensures issues are promptly addressed and opportunities maximized.

Scenario: A real estate agency wasn’t fully utilizing their website’s features. After a training session provided by their website support team, they made better use of these features. This led to a significant increase in property listings and client inquiries.

8. Cost Efficiency

In the long run, investing in website support can save organizations a lot of money. This is mostly due to avoiding costs related to security breaches, downtime, or major functionality issues.

Scenario: A small e-commerce business faced hefty fines due to a security breach. After investing in robust website support, their improved security measures have deterred cyber threats, leading to safer transactions and satisfied customers.


In summary, high-quality website support is not an optional extra but a crucial element of your organization’s online success. It brings peace of mind, allowing organizations to focus on their core operations rather than potential website issues.

As an experienced website support provider, we’re here to ensure your website performs at its best. Reach out to us today to explore how we can support your organization’s online success.


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