Welch LLP – New Website Design

Welch LLP - Responsive WordPress Website Design

Who: Welch LLP is a Chartered Public Accounting firm that has deep roots in the communities it serves. Since 1918, Welch has been providing a wide range of accounting, tax and advisory services to private enterprises, government and not-for-profit businesses.

How: Welch LLP approached Baytek to completely refresh their existing web presence. They had outgrown their existing website, and were starting to put great content out there – it was just not a good user experience. So after the initial discovery session, we first started to redevelop the information architecture and then present the landing pages in a way that would make sense to their target audiences – organization executives, potential hires and existing clients. The idea was to engage the user through a beautiful design, great content and timely call-to-actions that would lead them to become a conversion. Check out the website design using the link below, and let us know what you think!

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Innovative Medicines Canada – New Website Design

Innovative Medicines Canada - Website Design

Who: Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC) partners to champion policies that drive the discovery, development, and delivery of transformative medicines and vaccines to all Canadians to live longer and healthier lives.

How: IMC, a medical industry association,  approached Baytek to provide a complete revamp and redesign of their web presence. This was no small feat, as their existing website included hundreds of pages and resources – but we were up for the challenge! We took IMC through our process to determine a better user experience and information architecture for web visitors. This led us to trimming some of the content, but also expanding on other areas. In the end, we delivered a more dynamic website with a better user experience – not only for the visitors, but also for IMC who need to update the website through the WordPress content management system.

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Evolving Youth Care – New Brand and Website Design

EYC - Ottawa Web Design

Who: Evolving Youth Care (EYC) is an established Ottawa-based provider of specialized treatment foster, group and respite programs caring for children and youth from all across Ontario, the North and out-of province with individually unique and complex needs.

How: EYC came to Baytek in need of a brand vision – they had a story, but needed help telling it. We took EYC through our discovery process where we unearthed their core purpose, their brand attributes and target audiences. This allowed us to build up a blueprint for the design team to create a unique brand that spoke to all their core audiences. For the logo mark itself, we created a dynamic, abstract shape that possesses three key ideas. The first is a flower which represents blossoming youth. The second reflects the idea of evolving and growing, with the shape getting fuller as it revolves around the circle (life). The third idea is to show motion and momentum – the idea of progression and positivity. We paired it with an inviting and trusting word-mark, with the colour palette giving a creative, positive and playful feeling. The website carried through on the brand vision, with images of kids and youth in engaging situations, snapshots of real life and close-ups of youthful activities.

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EYC - Logo Design

EYC - Logo Design

EYC - Logo Design

EYC iPhone in Case Mockup

EYC Mens T-Shirt Mockup

EYC Logo - Sign

Genfabco – New Brand and Website Design

Genfabco - Responsive Website Design

Who: Founded in 2002, Genfabco is one of North America’s premier exotic alloys fabricator. They work with an extensive network of expert consultants to solve their customer’s unique challenges.

How: We took Genfabco through our complete brand and web design process. This started with a discovery session, where we met with the founders of the company. Quickly we started to envision a brand that built on their history and experience, but emphasized their use of cutting edge technology. For the logo mark, we wanted to create an abstract design that had elegance and structure. We wanted to use the ‘G’ as the element to bring focus to Genfabco, and make that the feature while building other ideas around it. We can see interwoven pipes and chevrons giving the feeling of positive motion. The overall shape is a hexagon, synonymous with stable structure and fastening. The gold colour of the mark not only represents solid metal but also high quality. Our focus then went to the website, which was the next important phase of the project. We were lucky enough to bring in Marianne Rothbauer to take some fantastic shots of Genfabco’s facilities, which really helped bring the website to life.

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Genfabco - Logo Design


Genfabco - Logo Design

Genfabco - Metallic Badge Logo Design

Genfabco - Brushed Metal Logo Design

Genfabco - Website Photography 1

Genfabco - Website Photography 2

Genfabco - Website Photography 3

Genfabco - Website Photography 4


Cliffbrake – New Brand and Website Design

Cliffbrake - Responsive Website Design

Who: Cliffbrake is a Regional Group of Companies Inc. affiliate company created by Steve Gordon, the executive Chairman of Regional Group. The purpose of this company (currently known as Gordon Family Investments), is to build wealth for the Gordon family in non-real estate industries including but not limited to, disruptive technologies, renewable energy, precious metals, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

How: As a long term client of Baytek’s, Regional Group entrusted us for a branding and web design exercise for the Gordon family investment company. With the logo mark, the idea was to use the perspective of looking up to the cliff’s edge, rather showing the side profile (avoiding the “falling off a cliff” concern). Using this perspective, the symbol has an impressive stature. It gives a positive impression, with upwards momentum. The muted colour palette embodies a sense of stability, with the sans-serif word mark doing the same. The website shows off the rest of the brand vision, with mountains conquered and perspectives gained.

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GlassHouse Botanics – New Website Redesign

GlassHouse Botanics - Responsive Website Design

Who: GlassHouse Botanics Inc. is a privately held Canadian corporation in the business of cultivating and processing pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis flower and derivatives. They have been a client of Baytek’s for over three years now.

How: GlassHouse reached out to Baytek in 2018 as a start-up medical cannabis producer – they were in need of branding and website design. Now three years after that initial project, and now an established player in the industry, it was time to refocus their attention to the website and refine their messaging. During our strategy sessions we determined the new target audiences and exactly what they wanted to see and hear on the website. That allowed us to retune the content and imagery, and refresh the entire design. While not a complete departure from that initial vision, the resulting website design has a much more focused message and should ultimately garner more quality leads for GlassHouse.

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Fisheries Council of Canada – New Website Design

Fisheries Council of Canada - Responsive Website Design

Who: The Fisheries Council of Canada (FCC) is a non-profit trade association that has been representing, for over 100 years, companies engaged in the harvesting, processing, importing and marketing of wild-capture fish and seafood.

How: With vast experience in designing and developing association websites, we knew exactly the right approach to take with the FCC website. Firstly we started with a discovery session to determine exactly who would be visiting and using the website. This enabled us to strategize and prepare an information architecture that made sense for each user base. From there we designed all the navigation pathways to enable FCC to reach their objectives. The result is a beautiful design that has a great and useful experience for those visiting the website.

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Youth In Heritage (ICOMOS Canada) – New Website Design

Youth In Heritage - Responsive Website Design

Who: ICOMOS Canada (the Canadian National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites), in partnership with Parks Canada, launches the Youth in Heritage program, an employment and mentorship initiative connecting employers to the next generation of cultural heritage practitioners. The program brings together cultural heritage professionals and young people between the ages of 15-30 to gain meaningful experience in cultural heritage conservation.

How: The brief was to build a next generation employment portal that would allow employers to post available positions at their heritage-related organization, as well as make it easy for job-seekers to search and filter through those open positions. We took the client through our discovery process to ensure we had all the key audiences and their characteristics, to enable us to design and develop an appropriate website that also had a youth appeal. The result is a beautiful looking modern design, with all the functionality you would expect from a cutting edge job portal.

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iPOG Network – New Website Design

iPOG Network - Responsive Website Design

Who: The international Pediatric Oncology Guidelines in supportive care (iPOG) is an inter-professional group with deep expertise in the supportive care of pediatric oncology patients, development of clinical practice guidelines and implementation of evidence-based care.

How: iPOG Network came to Baytek with clear objectives in mind of what they needed the website to be. Firstly, a central hub for resources and a catalogue developed by iPOG members. Secondly, a network for connecting people with shared interests of pediatric oncology around the world. Thirdly, a collective effort to avoid duplication of work and focus everyone’s energy in one place as opposed to everyone doing their own thing. And lastly, an awareness and educational portal for everyone to use. As we have a lot of experience in the medical and health industry, we helped the client through our process and eventually visualizing their objectives. The result is a well thought out user interface that is perfectly suited to those who will be using it on a day to day basis. The design is clean and responsive, working well on all manner of devices.

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SCG Canada – New Website Design

SCG Canada - Responsive Website Design

Who: SCG Canada Inc. was formed as a direct means to provide hardware, software and training solutions for discerning clients who need custom tools for mission critical applications. SCG Canada Inc. is based in Ottawa, Canada.

How: With a very unique product comes expectations of delivering a website to match – luckily, custom website design is what we do best. We created custom infographics and partnered with Urszula Muntean for some amazing product photography. The result is a small, yet feature-packed website with stunning imagery and dynamic elements.

SCG Canada was fortunate to work with Baytek for our new corporate website. Their attention to detail, relationship management, professionalism and skills were exactly what we needed. Thank you very much to everyone at Baytek for helping us take the next step on our web presence.

The team at SCG Canada

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