Camino – New Website Design

Camino - Responsive Website Design

Who: La Siembra (Camino) are a Canadian worker co-op dedicated to changing our food system to one that puts people and our planet first. Together they are empowering small-scale farmers and their communities to build diverse and sustainable economies one treat at a time.

How: We’re incredibly excited to unveil the newly designed website for La Siembra’s Camino brand. In close collaboration with the Camino team, we’ve built a custom, responsive design that beautifully reflects their commitment to empowering small-scale farmers and building sustainable economies. Developed on the flexible WordPress CMS platform, the site is bilingual in both English and French. The user-friendly Woo-commerce section allows for bulk product orders, while the dynamic store finder connects customers to local stores carrying Camino products. This project has been a fantastic partnership, resulting in a seamless and visually stunning digital experience.

Our new website is nothing short of amazing, and that’s thanks to Baytek’s incredible design and development work. Their patience, attentive listening, dedication, and exceptional problem-solving skills have been key to the success of this project. We truly appreciate their commitment to delivering a top-notch website.

– Mélanie Broguet, Marketing and New Product Development Manager

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