Cafe Deluxe – New Website Design

Cafe Deluxe - Responsive Website Design

Who: Founded in 2001, Cafe Deluxe has grown from a modest eatery in downtown Ottawa to an establishment that also provides catering services. While it continues to be a favorite spot for both new and regular patrons, the cafe offers everything from grab-and-go coffee and cookies to satisfying, sit-down lunches.

How: We’re thrilled to present the new website for Cafe Deluxe, a long-standing client for whom we had the pleasure of doing a rebrand back in 2016. Developed on the WordPress CMS, the website captures the essence of the cafe through stunning photography by Marianne Rothbauer. The new digital platform highlights Cafe Deluxe’s dual role as both a cozy downtown eatery and a versatile catering service, showcasing their expansive menu options and community presence. The collaborative experience with Cafe Deluxe has led to a visually appealing and user-friendly website that caters to both new and regular patrons alike.

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