Fisheries Council of Canada – New Website Design

Fisheries Council of Canada - Responsive Website Design

Who: The Fisheries Council of Canada (FCC) is a non-profit trade association that has been representing, for over 100 years, companies engaged in the harvesting, processing, importing and marketing of wild-capture fish and seafood.

How: With vast experience in designing and developing association websites, we knew exactly the right approach to take with the FCC website. Firstly we started with a discovery session to determine exactly who would be visiting and using the website. This enabled us to strategize and prepare an information architecture that made sense for each user base. From there we designed all the navigation pathways to enable FCC to reach their objectives. The result is a beautiful design that has a great and useful experience for those visiting the website.

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Youth In Heritage (ICOMOS Canada) – New Website Design

Youth In Heritage - Responsive Website Design

Who: ICOMOS Canada (the Canadian National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites), in partnership with Parks Canada, launches the Youth in Heritage program, an employment and mentorship initiative connecting employers to the next generation of cultural heritage practitioners. The program brings together cultural heritage professionals and young people between the ages of 15-30 to gain meaningful experience in cultural heritage conservation.

How: The brief was to build a next generation employment portal that would allow employers to post available positions at their heritage-related organization, as well as make it easy for job-seekers to search and filter through those open positions. We took the client through our discovery process to ensure we had all the key audiences and their characteristics, to enable us to design and develop an appropriate website that also had a youth appeal. The result is a beautiful looking modern design, with all the functionality you would expect from a cutting edge job portal.

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iPOG Network – New Website Design

iPOG Network - Responsive Website Design

Who: The international Pediatric Oncology Guidelines in supportive care (iPOG) is an inter-professional group with deep expertise in the supportive care of pediatric oncology patients, development of clinical practice guidelines and implementation of evidence-based care.

How: iPOG Network came to Baytek with clear objectives in mind of what they needed the website to be. Firstly, a central hub for resources and a catalogue developed by iPOG members. Secondly, a network for connecting people with shared interests of pediatric oncology around the world. Thirdly, a collective effort to avoid duplication of work and focus everyone’s energy in one place as opposed to everyone doing their own thing. And lastly, an awareness and educational portal for everyone to use. As we have a lot of experience in the medical and health industry, we helped the client through our process and eventually visualizing their objectives. The result is a well thought out user interface that is perfectly suited to those who will be using it on a day to day basis. The design is clean and responsive, working well on all manner of devices.

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SCG Canada – New Website Design

SCG Canada - Responsive Website Design

Who: SCG Canada Inc. was formed as a direct means to provide hardware, software and training solutions for discerning clients who need custom tools for mission critical applications. SCG Canada Inc. is based in Ottawa, Canada.

How: With a very unique product comes expectations of delivering a website to match – luckily, custom website design is what we do best. We created custom infographics and partnered with Urszula Muntean for some amazing product photography. The result is a small, yet feature-packed website with stunning imagery and dynamic elements.

SCG Canada was fortunate to work with Baytek for our new corporate website. Their attention to detail, relationship management, professionalism and skills were exactly what we needed. Thank you very much to everyone at Baytek for helping us take the next step on our web presence.

The team at SCG Canada

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Drain-All – Rebrand and New Website

Drain-All - Responsive Website Design

Who: Established in 1984, Drain-All Ltd. is a family-owned environmental, industrial and plumbing solutions company that supports the industrial, utilities, municipal, institutional, commercial and residential sectors in Ontario and Quebec.

How: Drain-All reached out to Baytek in need of a full brand transformation, including their web and marketing efforts. After an in depth discovery session with the management team, it was clear there was some brand equity to be carried over. As the Drain-All fleet of vehicles are often seen around Ottawa and beyond, it was imperative to have some continuity such as the colour palette and even the focus on the “D” from the name. The consensus was that the existing logo was too complicated, and a simplification was seen as a path forward. With that mandate in hand, the creative team went ahead with their research and started conceptualizing different approaches to refining the “D”. The final design was chosen, and then the spotlight switched to the website, something incredibly important to their new focus on larger industrial clients. The result was a beautiful, engaging website utilizing the amazing custom photography from Marianne Rothbauer.

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Drain-All - Business Cards

Drain-All - People

Drain-All - Logo

Drain-All - T-Shirt

Drain-All - Social Media

Football Canada – New Website Design

Who: Formally operating as the Canadian Amateur Football Association (CAFA), Football Canada is the National Governing Body of Canadian Amateur Football, which represents tackle, touch and flag components including players, coaches, officials and administrators.

How: Wow – this was quite the undertaking! Football Canada came to us with a huge web presence – not only was their main site hundreds of pages, but they had multiple other mini-sites and landing pages across the web. The eventual idea is to bring them all under one roof – for now, we started with the main site and we will continue to work with Football Canada to bring everything under the one umbrella. After the initial discovery session, we set about restructuring the information architecture into a more coherent and user friendly system. This allowed us to streamline the website and remove any unnecessary or outdated content. From here, we worked on a more dynamic and engaging design – one that worked for all audiences – from players to coaches to officials. The result is a beautifully re-imagined web presence for Football Canada.

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Ottawa Catholic School Board – International – New Website Design

Ottawa Catholic School Board - - Responsive Website Design

Who: The Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) is a publicly funded separate school board in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Its headquarters are in the Nepean area of Ottawa. It employs approximately 4,777 people (full-time equivalents) and operates 84 schools in the greater Ottawa area.

How: The purpose of this new website was to have a dedicated area for international students, allowing OCSB to better serve the target audience with specific messaging that would apply to them. After our initial discovery session, Baytek set about creating an information architecture that made sense for an international student or parent – allowing them to get a taste of Ottawa as well as the schools themselves. The website is filled with virtual tours of each school, as well as highlighting Ottawa  as a cosmopolitan city with small town charm.

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FairTrade Canada – New Website Design

FairTrade Canada - Responsive Design

Who: Fairtrade is a global movement with a strong and active presence in Canada, represented by Fairtrade Canada. Fairtrade is a movement for change that works directly with businesses, consumers and campaigners to make trade fair for farmers and workers. The international Fairtrade system represents the world’s largest and most recognized fair trade system. We are a global organization working to secure a better deal for farmers and workers. The Fairtrade certification system is rigorous, independent, and in-line with best-in-class certification practice.

How: FairTrade Canada approached Baytek with a common goal – they wanted to take back control of their web presence, but still have a cutting edge design. Simply put, they needed an open-source content management system (WordPress in this instance), but custom designed and developed to ensure their brand was being shown in the best light. Luckily, that is something we feel we do very well at Baytek. Our initial session was part discovery and part strategy – we learnt everything we could about FairTrade and their target audiences, and took all that knowledge into the website plan. We built the hierarchy of the information architecture from FairTrade’s project goals and marrying that with the needs of their users. With the strategy in hand, we set about creating a beautiful, responsive web design full of amazing content. We’re excited to share this new website to the rest of Canada and beyond!

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WiN Canada – Rebrand and New Website

WiN Canada - Responsive Website Design

Who: Established in 2004, Women in Nuclear Canada (WiN Canada) are a non-profit association made up of six chapters that aim to advocate, educate, build networks and promote career interest for the Canadian nuclear industry.

How: WiN Canada came to Baytek in the middle of last year with a need to refresh their brand and web presence. It was an interesting project to take on, as while they are part of a global organization (Women in Nuclear Global), they had the autonomy to create their own brand’s look and feel. The first item on the agenda was to have a discovery session, which involved most of the board, and then that was summarized in the discovery document. Our design team took this blueprint and ran it with it – creating an exciting, bold direction for the brand that felt unique yet appropriate. This was then taken into the website, using the brand’s colour palette and image treatment as a focal point.

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WiN Canada - Logo Design

WiN Canada - Logo Design

WiN Canada - Logo Design

Friends of the Canadian War Museum – New Website

FCWM - Responsive Website Design

Who: The Friends of the Canadian War Museum (FCWM) was established to promote, support and assist the Canadian War Museum with the view to educating present and future generations of Canadians on Canada’s military heritage, preserving historical artifacts, promoting research and encouraging future generations to reflect on past sacrifices.

How: The Friends were at crossroads with their website. Like so many, its purpose had expanded and expanded over the years, until it wasn’t really fit for purpose. The now dated design did not help either. So they contacted us to take a fresh look at their web presence, and see where we could take it. We started by having an in depth discovery session with all the stakeholders, which took place at the Canadian War Museum itself. This enabled us to figure out what their goals were, and how that fitted in with what their users wanted to accomplish on the site. This culminated in an engaging website, full of interactivity and history. The Friends were thrilled with the results:

Our Charitable organization was in need of a more user friendly and dynamic website. Our knowledge of how to develop this site was limited and we were looking for a strong local company that could guide us through this process. We could not be more pleased with the outcome. The website is beautiful and just what we envisioned.
During the process we had many unseen obstacles for Sebastien and he handled them like a pro. The Training was very thorough and the WordPress format easy to understand. We would highly recommend Baytek for your website needs.

Robert Argent

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