Cafe Deluxe – New Website Design

Cafe Deluxe - Responsive Website Design

Who: Founded in 2001, Cafe Deluxe has grown from a modest eatery in downtown Ottawa to an establishment that also provides catering services. While it continues to be a favorite spot for both new and regular patrons, the cafe offers everything from grab-and-go coffee and cookies to satisfying, sit-down lunches. How: We’re thrilled to present […]

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Camino – New Website Design

Camino - Responsive Website Design

Who: La Siembra (Camino) are a Canadian worker co-op dedicated to changing our food system to one that puts people and our planet first. Together they are empowering small-scale farmers and their communities to build diverse and sustainable economies one treat at a time. How: We’re incredibly excited to unveil the newly designed website for […]

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CleanCode – New Brand and Website Design

CleanCode - New Brand and Website Design

Who: CleanCode is a boutique software consultancy specializing in application architecture, design and implementation for start-ups and enterprise clients in North American and European markets. How: We took CleanCode through our full brand and web process, and they couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. Even though CleanCode were an established company, there was neither […]

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Accessibility in Branding Colours and the Power of Contrast

A designer working on a computer with exploding paint

In today’s visual world, colour is a powerful tool in branding and marketing efforts. But with great power comes responsibility. By considering accessibility and contrast guidelines, designers can create inclusive and memorable brands that engage a wider audience. In this article, we’ll share our agency’s approach to choosing colours for a new brand or brand refresh, with a focus on accessibility and the power of contrast.

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Ujigami – New Brand and Website Design

Ujigami - Responsive Website Design

Who: Established in 2002 and based out of Bowmanville, ON, Tutelar Technologies is a corporation that provides solutions to large scale manufacturing organizations. Ujigami is their plant floor software product that creates an intelligent supervisory service between your manufacturing floor and management. How: We recently collaborated with Tutelar Technologies to revitalize their Ujigami brand and […]

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Mastering Multichannel Communication: Strategies for Streamlining Your Processes

A group of colleagues work on a communications strategy

Unlock the secrets to mastering multichannel communication with our comprehensive guide, “Strategies for Streamlining Your Processes.” Learn how to develop an effective communication plan, utilize content management systems, monitor performance metrics, and more. Empower your organization to thrive in the digital world with these actionable tips and tools.

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Top 10 Free Tools to Assess Your Website

An image of female and male colleagues assessing their website design using free tools

Discover the top 10 free tools to assess and improve your website. This comprehensive guide covers optimization, usability, accessibility, page speed, and more. These tools offer valuable insights, but for a tailored analysis and recommendations, consider hiring a professional consultant. Learn how to make the most of your website and unlock its full potential with our helpful tips and expert advice.

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Mission Control – New Website Design

Mission Control - Responsive Website Design

Who: Mission Control is a space exploration and robotics company with a focus on mission operations, onboard autonomy, and artificial intelligence. Their belief is the right software can enable more cost effective and efficient missions, and live mission accessibility – the key to democratizing space exploration. How: Mission Control’s recent website redesign project has been […]

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