CleanCode – New Brand and Website Design

CleanCode - New Brand and Website Design

Who: CleanCode is a boutique software consultancy specializing in application architecture, design and implementation for start-ups and enterprise clients in North American and European markets.

How: We took CleanCode through our full brand and web process, and they couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. Even though CleanCode were an established company, there was neither a brand established or an online presence. They were very much in stealth mode if you will. One of CleanCode’s goals in opening up to the world was to help find and attract quality hires, so we leaned into the fun and edgy side of the brand with the logo design and graphic elements. Check out the website and the images below to get a taste of what we did for CleanCode!

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CleanCode - Sketches

CleanCode - Interior Office Sign

CleanCode - Business Cards

CleanCode - Exterior Sign

CleanCode - T-Shirt