A Content Strategy Approach to Web Design

Content Strategy

It goes without saying that websites have changed from the early days of the internet – not just in terms of design, but also of importance. They have evolved from simple informational companion pieces to an organization’s primary lead generating outlet. But you knew that already – this article is actually about the change in how websites are now being designed with that in mind. Continue reading “A Content Strategy Approach to Web Design”

Website Design & User Behaviour – Removing the Guesswork

In this article I will explain how you can make design/layout/content changes on your site by knowing how your users are actually using your website, rather than by guesswork.

The Situation

You launched your website a few months ago and are now ready to make some updates to achieve an existing or new business goal, and feel it will require some reshuffling of the content and layout. It is an important new feature and requires a CTA (Call to Action) button to send potential customers to an online form for lead generation.  Continue reading “Website Design & User Behaviour – Removing the Guesswork”

Branding vs Logo Design

Branding vs Logo Design

OK, I’ll confess – this is not really a battle. More of an explanation. Being a company that offers branding services, we get a lot of questions about what branding is and how it differs from logo design. The fact is that logo design is part of branding – a large part of it, but still, just a part. A lot of agencies will offer logo design as a service, on par with web design, graphic design, print design and so on. There is nothing particularly wrong with that, but it’s not our philosophy. We feel in order to create a truly great logo that works for a company, you first need to establish the promise and the expectations that will reside in the target audiences. You can’t do that by jumping headfirst into logo design and offering up three designs for your client to pick from. That’s like fighting the competition with a blindfold on. Continue reading “Branding vs Logo Design”