Ujigami – New Brand and Website Design

Ujigami - Responsive Website Design

Who: Established in 2002 and based out of Bowmanville, ON, Tutelar Technologies is a corporation that provides solutions to large scale manufacturing organizations. Ujigami is their plant floor software product that creates an intelligent supervisory service between your manufacturing floor and management.

How: We recently collaborated with Tutelar Technologies to revitalize their Ujigami brand and elevate their online presence. Our team delved deep into Ujigami’s core values, target audience, and business objectives, to craft a truly modern brand identity that truly resonates with their customers. In addition to refining Ujigami’s brand image, we also worked diligently on their messaging, ensuring it was clear, engaging, and perfectly aligned with their new identity. To complement the rebranding efforts, we also designed and developed a sleek, user-friendly website for Ujigami that not only showcases their refreshed identity but also offers an intuitive and seamless browsing experience for visitors. The end result is a revitalized brand and a stunning new website that effectively conveys Ujigami’s unique value proposition and sets them apart in a competitive marketplace.

Keep an eye out for the full case study coming soon!

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Sketching a logo design in Ottawa

A billboard poster design for Ujigami

A large office with a Ujigami logo design on it

A large billboard showing off the Ujigami logo design

A mockup of a trade-show exhibit displaying the Ujigami Logo Design