CAPCORP – Rebrand & New Website

CAPCORP Website - Responsive

Who: Founded in 1981, CAPCORP has since become one of Canada’s leading independent financial services companies. Their clients range from large national organizations to the individual investor. Their success is derived from a commitment to developing and maintaining quality, long-standing client relationships. Their  independence allows clients to access products offered by most insurance companies, trust companies, and other financial institutions in Canada. Their longevity attests to our reputation as a solution-driven company offering expert advice and lived experience to business owners across the country.

How: As a long time client of Baytek’s, we knew CAPCORP intimately. Even so, we facilitated a key messaging and strategy session to really understand where CAPCORP wanted to be. From there, we developed a corporate brand and website that allowed them to stand head and shoulders above the competition. As part of the rebrand, we also took all of the corporate photography, including abstract imagery and headshots.

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CAPCORP - Logo Design

CAPCORP - Logo Design Construction

CAPCORP - Logo Sign

CAPCORP - Logo Letterpress

CAPCORP - Photography

CAPCORP – New Corporate Photoshoot

CAPCORP - Corporate Photoshoot

This week we had the pleasure of doing a corporate photoshoot for CAPCORP, one of longstanding clients (see HealthPlus) and who we are currently developing a new website for. As well as headshots of all 15 members of the team, we also took some great shots of their recently renovated space. Below you can find a sneak peek of a couple of the images we took, and keep your eye out for the launch of the new CAPCORP website coming soon!

CAPCORP - Corporate Photo Shoot 1

CAPCORP - Corporate Photo Shoot 1

CAPCORP - Corporate Photo Shoot 3


Dow’s Lake Dental – New Brand and Website Launch

Dow's Lake Dental Logo

Who: Dow’s Lake Dental is a new dental practice established by Dr. Haissam Dahan and Dr. El-Hawary, both graduates of the renowned McGill University dental program. With a combined experience of over 18 years of professional practice, Dr. Dahan and Dr. El-Hawary look forward to serving the downtown Ottawa area with compassion, convenience and efficiency. Utilizing the latest dental technology and techniques, Dow’s Lake Dental is proud to offer a variety of family, cosmetic and sedation/TMJ services. Conveniently located in the heart of Little Italy, the practice boasts easy access by bus, O-Train, bike and plenty of street parking for those travelling by car. With convenient opening hours, direct billing to insurance companies, walk-ins welcome and service in English/French/Arabic, there’s never been a better time to show your smile!

How: Dow’s Lake Dental, as a brand new clinic, needed everything – a brand, direct mail ads, exterior sign designs and a website. Luckily they found us and it was a perfect fit! For the logo, we created a unique mark that was fresh, fun and simple, coupled with a modern font that was clinical yet approachable. The colour scheme was also of utmost importance, to not only use the familiarity of the medical/dental blue and green, but to use shades that are fresh, modern and speak to the key audiences. The idea behind the logo is to present a dental practice, but with a unique twist. With the tulip representing DLD’s unique twist (atmosphere and personality), we grounded it with the use of the tooth to highlight exactly what DLD do – so one can look at the whole logo and it be automatically recognizable and obvious. Constructing the whole logo mark from circles meant there was a perfect symmetry to the logo, and at the same time a beautiful simplicity.

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Up and Down Doors – New Brand and Website Design

Up and Down Doors - Logo

Who: Up & Down Doors is a locally-owned company, providing prompt and reliable quality service for all your garage door needs.

How: As a new business, Baytek was able to provide everything from branding, logo design, web design and marketing design. The formation of the unique logo mark was derived from combining the U and D of Up & Down, and the familiar lines of a garage door. Then by adding some perspective to the mark we have created an abstract mark that may seem complex but at the same time so simple. We avoided the usual cliches used by the competition, and created something unique that gives a solid, professional look to the business. It automactically speaks to high quality, modernity and attention to detail. By rounding the corners of the letters we also added a friendlier quality to the mark, to show of the personable approach of the business. K6 Media did an awesome job on the truck wrap, using a matte and gloss combination – I’m sure you’ll notice it as Mike drives it round Ottawa!

“I found having my website built by Baytek to be a very good experience. As someone who doesn’t know a lot about computers I was very happy with the amount of help they were able to give me, even with the small stuff. I also had all of it reviewed by my friend who is a high level programmer and he was very impressed by their work. I found everyone at Baytek to be friendly and ready to help and truly felt they wanted my business to succeed. Working with Baytek was a great experience that resulted in a great product. I would highly recommend them to any business.”

Mike Bemi
Owner, Up & Down Doors

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QSi – New Website Design

QSi - Website

Who: QSi was established in 1989 as a consulting firm providing IT resources across North America. They have carefully and strategically expanded their capabilities to provide a wide range of professional IT services,  specializing in providing exceptional talent to their clients. They dedicate their time to networking, leveraging the latest industry technologies, and sourcing highly qualified people when their clients are ready to hire.

How: Baytek provided QSi with a slick, fully responsive website design. Using the latest CSS techniques, we created animated custom iconography, full screen graphics and innovative visual effects, and provided a robust system for QSi to easily post job openings to the WordPress platform. Created for job seekers and employers, the website is a stunning representation of the company and its brand.

“Baytek was awesome to work with! They were friendly, professional, kept to schedule and provided us with creative design suggestions along the way. The outcome was perfect; we’re extremely pleased with our new website. We highly recommend working with them. Huge thanks to their team!”

Megan Knight
Technical Resource Specialist – QSi

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Easytire – New Brand Launch

Easytire Logo

Easytire is a brand new Mobile Tire Service from Ottawa, Ontario. Baytek has just launched the branding and logo design, and we’re happy to present it to you today! The logo mark is intended to represent three main components – tires, convenience and easy. By using a 3D slanted tire made of curves we are showing dynamism and speed. Convenience is shown through the abstract clock – highlighted by the grey ‘hands’ of the clock within the tire. This goes back to the ‘Change your tires not your day’ phrase – saving the customer time. The grey shapes also form an abstract ‘e’ which represents ‘easy’ from Easytire.

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Crystalus – New Brand and Website

Who: Crystalus are trusted advisors and international experts in development finance, risk management, strategic advisory, and mobilizing capital. They are based in Ottawa, Canada.

Solution: Originally Crystalus came to Baytek looking for a Website design. Having been in business for a number of years and relying on word of mouth for marketing, they decided it was now time to delve into the online world. However, they quickly realized what Baytek could offer to their brand as a whole, and so decided to go through our full process. Now with a clean, stunning logo and brand in hand, and a sleek responsive Website, they are ready to march forward with their marketing efforts.

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Crystalus Website

Crystalus Stationery

Crystalus Logo


New Website Launch | Green Roots Landscaping

Who: Established in early 2010 by Steve Papousek, David Hiel, and Ryan Crompton, Green Roots Landscaping offers the discerning client with personalized, professional, and high end design. The company prides itself in its competitive edge and proven ability to create new visions and results that exceed expectations.

Solution: Baytek’s major focus on this project was to bring Green Roots’ sense of design and style to their website – that meant modern, dynamic and beautiful. The design of the site itself took on the life of a landscaped garden – from the initial plans and layout to the planting of the seeds (the images and content), it kept on growing until it was in full bloom. Now potential clients can view Green Roots’ work using the amazing gallery viewer, and see the potential for their own garden!

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Website Launch: City View Centre

Who: City View Centre for Child & Family Services prides itself in bringing over 38 years of quality child care and early learning services to the community. The Centre is licensed to provide services to children ages 18 months to 8 years of age through the Ministry of Education.  As a charitable, non-profit organization, the agency is governed by a volunteer board of directors.

Solution: The idea of the site was whimsical, but informative. The site had to appeal to parents, but also show the nature of the centre – caring, friendly, fun and educational. Through the use of original photography from Martin Broomfield, Baytek designed a Website that while using a traditional structure and form, could show off the modern and comfortable facilities at the centre. The extranet of the Website was developed to provide parents with a portal to receive news, documents and other materials – an otherwise laborious task involving emails, faxes and forms – now contained all within the Website.

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