Up and Down Doors – New Brand and Website Design

Up and Down Doors - Logo

Who: Up & Down Doors is a locally-owned company, providing prompt and reliable quality service for all your garage door needs. How: As a new business, Baytek was able to provide everything from branding, logo design, web design and marketing design. The formation of the unique logo mark was derived from combining the U and […]

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Zestible – New Brand Launch

Zestible - Logo Design

As a brand new social enterprise based here in Ottawa, we are thinking big with Zestible – we want it to be part of the daily language. When someone says ‘Oh, Google that’ – they mean search that. Well, we want people to say ‘Oh, let’s do Zestible this week’, when they want to order an ingredient bundle. […]

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HubStor – New Brand

HubStor Logo

We’re really excited to present the branding for HubStor – a new data-aware, cloud-integrated storage technology company. The logo mark itself is comprised of the following elements: the cloud, data bits and the arrow. The cloud represents the online storage part of their process. The 3D data bits are going to the cloud – we don’t show the […]

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