Zestible – Live Website Launch

Zestible Team

The pilot phase is over and Zestible.ca is now live! Congratulations to Val and her team – we can’t wait to start ordering their delicious recipes and ingredient baskets. It was an extremely fun project to work on, and I think you can see that in the branding and the website design. Here’s what Val had to say about working with Baytek on the website portion of the project:

“We hired Baytek to develop a custom e-commerce site for our new food-tech startup. The Baytek team worked very closely with us, guiding us through every step of the design and development phases. They provided guidance, suggestions and advice when needed and always offered perspectives on user experience. We have been very pleased with the quality of their work. Our site, while extremely visually appealing and user-friendly, has specialized functions built into the backend which have increased the efficiency of our operations. I would recommend them to any company looking for custom web developers.”

Val Iannitti
Founder, Zestible

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Up and Down Doors – New Brand and Website Design

Up and Down Doors - Logo

Who: Up & Down Doors is a locally-owned company, providing prompt and reliable quality service for all your garage door needs.

How: As a new business, Baytek was able to provide everything from branding, logo design, web design and marketing design. The formation of the unique logo mark was derived from combining the U and D of Up & Down, and the familiar lines of a garage door. Then by adding some perspective to the mark we have created an abstract mark that may seem complex but at the same time so simple. We avoided the usual cliches used by the competition, and created something unique that gives a solid, professional look to the business. It automactically speaks to high quality, modernity and attention to detail. By rounding the corners of the letters we also added a friendlier quality to the mark, to show of the personable approach of the business. K6 Media did an awesome job on the truck wrap, using a matte and gloss combination – I’m sure you’ll notice it as Mike drives it round Ottawa!

“I found having my website built by Baytek to be a very good experience. As someone who doesn’t know a lot about computers I was very happy with the amount of help they were able to give me, even with the small stuff. I also had all of it reviewed by my friend who is a high level programmer and he was very impressed by their work. I found everyone at Baytek to be friendly and ready to help and truly felt they wanted my business to succeed. Working with Baytek was a great experience that resulted in a great product. I would highly recommend them to any business.”

Mike Bemi
Owner, Up & Down Doors

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Zestible – New Brand Launch

Zestible - Logo Design

As a brand new social enterprise based here in Ottawa, we are thinking big with Zestible – we want it to be part of the daily language. When someone says ‘Oh, Google that’ – they mean search that. Well, we want people to say ‘Oh, let’s do Zestible this week’, when they want to order an ingredient bundle. In the same way, we needed a logo design that stands on its own, one that represents Zestible and be instantly recognisable. It needed to represent everything Zestible stands for. While there are many ideas combined into the logo mark, it is ultimately a stylized and dynamic ‘Z’ – within that, the idea of ingredients, the planet/environment, being online, pathways/delivery are all combined into the shape. It is modern, fresh and dynamic – everything that Zestible stands to be.

“I am currently working with Baytek on the design and development of my startup’s brand and web technology. Thus far, they have guided me through the process of developing my key brand messaging, designing my logo, as well as helping me refine my company’s name. They have set up a coming soon page as well as linking to all our social media as they develop the website. My experience to date has been extremely positive. Communication with Sebastien, my project manager, happens almost daily. Their approach is collaborative and creative. They listen to the customer and have the incisive ability to read between the lines. They also are not shy to give alternate ideas or opinions should they feel that there is a better way to proceed. I have found this asset of particular assistance. They are very flexible and receptive to the needs of a startup who may need a bit more hand-holding in the initial phase. We love our new logo and identity! I would highly recommend Baytek for branding. Once our tech is developed I will provide my comments on this service as well.”

Valerie Iannitti
Founder, Zestible

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Studios 77 – New Brand Launch

Studios77 Logo

The logo mark is a stylized, shortened version of the Studios 77 name – S77 (the S can also be used to represent South Sudan). This way the logo mark can be used on its own, and still be recognisable as Studios 77. Because of the contrast of the curves of the S and the angles of the overlapping 7s, we have cut into the S to add some sharper edges. Starting with a thin font  to make the 7s (to almost simulate a sitting model), we added the S, giving the feeling of connectedness. The thin, angular font gives it a sleek and classy look. The primary typeface for the wordmark is Dienstag Medium. It automatically speaks modern, high-end fashion, and pairs very well with the logo mark. The subtitle ‘Made in South Sudan’ is also created from the same font.

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Easytire – New Brand Launch

Easytire Logo

Easytire is a brand new Mobile Tire Service from Ottawa, Ontario. Baytek has just launched the branding and logo design, and we’re happy to present it to you today! The logo mark is intended to represent three main components – tires, convenience and easy. By using a 3D slanted tire made of curves we are showing dynamism and speed. Convenience is shown through the abstract clock – highlighted by the grey ‘hands’ of the clock within the tire. This goes back to the ‘Change your tires not your day’ phrase – saving the customer time. The grey shapes also form an abstract ‘e’ which represents ‘easy’ from Easytire.

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HubStor – New Brand

HubStor Logo

We’re really excited to present the branding for HubStor – a new data-aware, cloud-integrated storage technology company. The logo mark itself is comprised of the following elements: the cloud, data bits and the arrow. The cloud represents the online storage part of their process. The 3D data bits are going to the cloud – we don’t show the sides as they are ‘white’ i.e. negative. The negative space created by overlaying the second data bit on top of the first creates an arrow. This simply indicates data going to the cloud. Having the arrow point to the top right also indicates positivity and results. We used fresh and engaging colours to show HubStor as a technology company looking forward. It differentiates HubStor from the competition, where the palette is generally quite bland.The bluish gray for the word-mark contrasts well and provides a corporate balance to the playful yellow and orange.

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