HubStor – New Brand

HubStor Logo

We’re really excited to present the branding for HubStor – a new data-aware, cloud-integrated storage technology company. The logo mark itself is comprised of the following elements: the cloud, data bits and the arrow. The cloud represents the online storage part of their process. The 3D data bits are going to the cloud – we don’t show the sides as they are ‘white’ i.e. negative. The negative space created by overlaying the second data bit on top of the first creates an arrow. This simply indicates data going to the cloud. Having the arrow point to the top right also indicates positivity and results. We used fresh and engaging colours to show HubStor as a technology company looking forward. It differentiates HubStor from the competition, where the palette is generally quite bland.The bluish gray for the word-mark contrasts well and provides a corporate balance to the playful yellow and orange.

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