Communityworks – New Brand Launch

Communityworks Logo

Our latest branding design release is for Communityworks – a non-profit housing corporation based here in Ottawa. The logo mark design is based around three major components of Communityworks – community, housing and works. The community is represented by the lower portion of the mark, with arm-like shapes folded inwards. This shows shelter, warmth and a general feeling of being looked after. The housing component appears in the top portion, with the subtle house chimney, and roof-life structure. The final component, works, is represented by the overall shape – the dynamic hexagon shape can represent a bolt or cog. This gives an overall feeling of things working, progressing and moving forward. We chose a colour scheme that showed the friendly and trustworthy nature of Community Works, and the modern, fresh palette gives an overall feeling of cleanliness and order. The green colour also represents an environmental outlook and also prosperity.

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