NACC – New Rebrand and Website Design

National Airlines Council of Canada - Logo Design

Who: The National Airlines Council of Canada (NACC) is an association intended for all air carriers facing similar regulatory and policy issues. All passenger air carriers are eligible for NACC membership, provided that they hold the certifications and licenses required in our by-laws.

How: Baytek did a complete rebrand of their identity, print materials and bilingual website. The result was a clean, fresh new brand which clearly stated their status as the voice of Canada’s largest airlines. The logo mark for the NACC was created to represent a number of ideas – being a Canadian association, an association advocating for the airline industry, and connecting people across the globe. The Canadian part of the mark is represented by the maple leaf, which is a very common symbol associated with Canada. The airline part is symbolized through the darker part of the logo, and also the negative space in the leaf, creating a plane-like structure. The final part is the line in the leaf, representing connections, a path, a horizon line and a journey.

“It was our first foray into such a project and it quickly became apparent that we were in good hands.  Sebastien, Jim and team provided us with the practical guidance we needed and then let their creative juices go to work. I was particularly impressed with their ability to meet our launch deadline as we headed on the home stretch.  The result is a user-friendly, visually appealing and fantastic website.”

Marc-André O’Rourke
Executive Director, National Airlines Council of Canada

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Deprescribing Logo is a new initiative by the Bruyere Research Institute to support health care providers and patients in reducing or stopping medications that may be harmful or no longer needed. Baytek was brought in to create key messages, a new identity, print materials and a responsive website.

Our ultimate goal was to achieve an abstract shape that had its grounding in something related to deprescribing (a pill). However, we didn’t want the final logo mark to be too literal, because the issue in hand can be a sensitive topic. Anything too obvious could have potential negative connotations. The final shape exudes a sense of calmness and regeneration, and leaves the audience with a positive feeling.

The project was unique in the respect that it not only did it need to cater to doctors and physicians, but also to the patients themselves. This meant a very careful and deliberate balance was needed for the design of the website – using custom iconography and unique photography treatment, the result is a beautiful, user-friendly website for all ages.

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Royal Ottawa Golf Course – Membership Package

Baytek Systems designed the new Royal Ottawa Golf Club’s membership package. Using a unique design including elastic bound inserts and a foil stamp, this beautiful piece helps The Royal stand head and shoulders above the rest of the golf courses in the area. The design shows off the rich heritage of the club, as well as the prestige associated with such a historic club. The versatility of the design also meant that The Royal could print their own inserts on ready-made pages to include in the booklet.

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Royal Ottawa Golf Club – Insert 2012

For this year’s Royal Ottawa Golf Club Globe & Mail insert, we tried something a little different than previous efforts. Using a four-panel design, the piece was aimed to entice new members to The Royal, using family friendly imagery and visually appealing design. The branding colours and fonts were kept consistent with The Royal’s marketing materials, and show The Royal in the light it deserves – Ottawa’s premier golf club since 1891.

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CAIR: Button

This button/badge was designed for use at CAIR’s (Canadian Association of Interns and Residents) Resident Awareness Day, in February 2011.