CENX – New Website Design

Who: CENX is a new-generation software company delivering Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) solutions that automate the entire lifecycle of advanced data services in next-generation virtualized (NFV), and software-defined networks (SDN) infrastructures.

How: The brief for the new CENX website was quite simple – bring us up to date, and then put on us head and shoulders above the competition. While functionally sound, the previous CENX website was not representative of the technological leaps and bounds they had been making as a company. Baytek set about to put that right by introducing a beautiful responsive Website design that took advantage of all the latest HTML and CSS technologies. And by utilizing the WordPress platform, the team at CENX can now easily add new landing pages and content with the same design aesthetics as the rest of the site.

“We worked with Baytek to launch a refreshed, CMS-based website for CENX. Seb and the team were superbly responsive, professional, and organized throughout the entire project. They provided expert design advice to give the website a modern look & feel. Furthermore, they showed extreme flexibility, accommodating our change requests and timeline shifts. I felt I was in good hands from start to finish!”

Marie Fiala Timlin
Director of Marketing, CENX Inc.

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HubStor – New Brand

HubStor Logo

We’re really excited to present the branding for HubStor – a new data-aware, cloud-integrated storage technology company. The logo mark itself is comprised of the following elements: the cloud, data bits and the arrow. The cloud represents the online storage part of their process. The 3D data bits are going to the cloud – we don’t show the sides as they are ‘white’ i.e. negative. The negative space created by overlaying the second data bit on top of the first creates an arrow. This simply indicates data going to the cloud. Having the arrow point to the top right also indicates positivity and results. We used fresh and engaging colours to show HubStor as a technology company looking forward. It differentiates HubStor from the competition, where the palette is generally quite bland.The bluish gray for the word-mark contrasts well and provides a corporate balance to the playful yellow and orange.

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New Website Launch | Harris Utilities

Harris Utilities Website

Who: Since 1976, Harris Utilities has been a trusted source for robust, feature-rich turnkey solutions that help utilities improve customer service and increase financial performance and operational efficiency. Today, Harris Utilities comprises seven distinct divisions and over 600 employees serving thousands of utility customers throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Solution: Harris Utilities wanted to stand out – in an industry not really known for its design flair, they wanted to take a chance and bring something new to the table. So in order to achieve this, Baytek applied Harris Utilities’ established branding to the look of the Website, and their systematic approach to creativity – and developed a site that is not only unique, but a visual treat at the same time. Using the latest Website development techniques, Baytek were able to create a full width site with stunning imagery and highly readable informational pages.

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New Website Release: CustomerConnect

Who: CustomerConnect is a powerful and sophisticated tool that satisfies the wishes of customers while helping your utility achieve exceptional demand management.

Solution: Following on from the MeterSense design, CustomerConnect was the second in a series of websites. Keeping the same general layout as MeterSense, Baytek added new life to the Website with unique illustration and a beautiful look and feel.

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New Website Release: MeterSense

Who: MeterSense is the utility meter data management (MDM) solution that dramatically improves customer service and operational efficiency by connecting business processes directly to rich, smart-infrastructure functionality.

Solution: MeterSense approached Baytek to design a fresh, innovative Website that was content-rich and dynamic. Not only was this delivered in a short time-frame, but the response since the launch have been extremely  positive. Baytek intend on helping MeterSense keep the site fresh, and will be adding content and info-graphics in the near future.

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New Website Launch: Avaleris

Who: Avaleris are technology specialists in Identity Management and Secure Access for Microsoft centric environments. They are a recognized leader in helping enterprise and government organizations tackle challenging business problems related to the IT security of user identities and their secure access to networks and information.

Solution: Avaleris came to Baytek looking to refresh their current, outdated Website with a clean and modern look. Using the latest design and development techniques, Baytek achieved not only a beautiful looking website, but one that is blazingly fast and interactive. This content-rich website is now the flag-ship marketing tool for Avaleris.

Testimonial: “Baytek was, and continues to be, great to work with through all stages of our new website project.  They combine good account management with impressive creative design and technical competency.  Regarding our new website, the results are above expectation.  The overall design, look and feel, and usability of the site are top notch.” Geoff Bourgeois – Director, Business Development.

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