Up and Down Doors – New Brand and Website Design

Up and Down Doors - Logo

Who: Up & Down Doors is a locally-owned company, providing prompt and reliable quality service for all your garage door needs.

How: As a new business, Baytek was able to provide everything from branding, logo design, web design and marketing design. The formation of the unique logo mark was derived from combining the U and D of Up & Down, and the familiar lines of a garage door. Then by adding some perspective to the mark we have created an abstract mark that may seem complex but at the same time so simple. We avoided the usual cliches used by the competition, and created something unique that gives a solid, professional look to the business. It automactically speaks to high quality, modernity and attention to detail. By rounding the corners of the letters we also added a friendlier quality to the mark, to show of the personable approach of the business. K6 Media did an awesome job on the truck wrap, using a matte and gloss combination – I’m sure you’ll notice it as Mike drives it round Ottawa!

“I found having my website built by Baytek to be a very good experience. As someone who doesn’t know a lot about computers I was very happy with the amount of help they were able to give me, even with the small stuff. I also had all of it reviewed by my friend who is a high level programmer and he was very impressed by their work. I found everyone at Baytek to be friendly and ready to help and truly felt they wanted my business to succeed. Working with Baytek was a great experience that resulted in a great product. I would highly recommend them to any business.”

Mike Bemi
Owner, Up & Down Doors

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Luca Mariano Whiskey – New Website

Luca Mariano Whiskey

Who: The Viola Family Whiskey recipes have been closely guarded secrets kept by the family since 1914 and passed down from generation to generation. As a tribute, to his son Luca and to his grandfather Mariano, Francesco S. Viola created Luca Mariano Distillery to share his family tradition legally with you.

How: As Ottawa’s Web Design and Branding specialists, Baytek jumped at the chance to be involved in this project. Having initially established the branding, Baytek was then invited to design and develop the responsive website for the Whiskey arm of the Luca Mariano brand. Each whiskey in the family has it’s own story, told through visually appealing graphics and font design. The result is a simple yet attractive home base for the Luca Mariano Whiskey brand to grow into. Much like the Whiskey, it gets better with age!

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New Website Launch | Eyemaxx Optical Studio

Who: Eyemaxx is a high-end optical studio located in the heart of the Nation’s Capital. Their brands include Dolce & Gabbana, SALT, Oakley and Ray-Ban.

Solution: Baytek’s main focus on the project was to put the power of Eyemaxx’s website back into their hands. For a long time, Eyemaxx’s website was functioning on an antiquated system that included a number of hurdles to do even the smallest update. Coupled with an aging front-end, Eyemaxx were longing for a solid back end where they could harness the power and ease of use of a content management system (CMS), tie in their social media content, and have a fresh coat of paint on the site that would truly represent their presence as Ottawa’s best and most fashionable high-end optical studio. Baytek delivered on that premise, and then some. Eyemaxx are now proud to send customers to their new website, knowing that they can update their content exactly when they want and show off their studio and brands in the best possible way.

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