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Genfabco - Responsive Website Design

Who: Founded in 2002, Genfabco is one of North America’s premier exotic alloys fabricator. They work with an extensive network of expert consultants to solve their customer’s unique challenges.

How: We took Genfabco through our complete brand and web design process. This started with a discovery session, where we met with the founders of the company. Quickly we started to envision a brand that built on their history and experience, but emphasized their use of cutting edge technology. For the logo mark, we wanted to create an abstract design that had elegance and structure. We wanted to use the ‘G’ as the element to bring focus to Genfabco, and make that the feature while building other ideas around it. We can see interwoven pipes and chevrons giving the feeling of positive motion. The overall shape is a hexagon, synonymous with stable structure and fastening. The gold colour of the mark not only represents solid metal but also high quality. Our focus then went to the website, which was the next important phase of the project. We were lucky enough to bring in Marianne Rothbauer to take some fantastic shots of Genfabco’s facilities, which really helped bring the website to life.

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Genfabco - Logo Design


Genfabco - Logo Design

Genfabco - Metallic Badge Logo Design

Genfabco - Brushed Metal Logo Design

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