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EYC - Ottawa Web Design

Who: Evolving Youth Care (EYC) is an established Ottawa-based provider of specialized treatment foster, group and respite programs caring for children and youth from all across Ontario, the North and out-of province with individually unique and complex needs.

How: EYC came to Baytek in need of a brand vision – they had a story, but needed help telling it. We took EYC through our discovery process where we unearthed their core purpose, their brand attributes and target audiences. This allowed us to build up a blueprint for the design team to create a unique brand that spoke to all their core audiences. For the logo mark itself, we created a dynamic, abstract shape that possesses three key ideas. The first is a flower which represents blossoming youth. The second reflects the idea of evolving and growing, with the shape getting fuller as it revolves around the circle (life). The third idea is to show motion and momentum – the idea of progression and positivity. We paired it with an inviting and trusting word-mark, with the colour palette giving a creative, positive and playful feeling. The website carried through on the brand vision, with images of kids and youth in engaging situations, snapshots of real life and close-ups of youthful activities.

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EYC - Logo Design

EYC - Logo Design

EYC - Logo Design

EYC iPhone in Case Mockup

EYC Mens T-Shirt Mockup

EYC Logo - Sign