Nutrients For Life – New Website

Nutrients For Life

Who: In 2008, Canadian Fertilizer Institute founded Nutrients for Life Foundation Canada. Today, it is a registered Canadian charitable organization made up of educators, community groups, scientists and representatives from the agricultural sector, including farmers, agri-retailers and members of the fertilizer industry. Together we produce and distribute educational materials on soil science and agricultural sustainability. Our goal is to help Canadians better understand how nutrients increase the health and quality of our soil, improve production of nutritious foods and preserve green spaces.

How: Nutrients For Life is aimed at students and teachers – so the challenge was making a site that was fun yet informative. Using all of Baytek’s web design nous, a unique, colourful site was born – through interesting lay-outs and large photography, the mission and vision of Nutrients For Life is displayed in full colour. As a long-standing partner, Baytek will continue to work with Nutrients For Life to improve the site at every opportunity – whether that’s adding further functionality or simply updating the graphics and images.

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