iPOG Network – New Website Design

iPOG Network - Responsive Website Design

Who: The international Pediatric Oncology Guidelines in supportive care (iPOG) is an inter-professional group with deep expertise in the supportive care of pediatric oncology patients, development of clinical practice guidelines and implementation of evidence-based care.

How: iPOG Network came to Baytek with clear objectives in mind of what they needed the website to be. Firstly, a central hub for resources and a catalogue developed by iPOG members. Secondly, a network for connecting people with shared interests of pediatric oncology around the world. Thirdly, a collective effort to avoid duplication of work and focus everyone’s energy in one place as opposed to everyone doing their own thing. And lastly, an awareness and educational portal for everyone to use. As we have a lot of experience in the medical and health industry, we helped the client through our process and eventually visualizing their objectives. The result is a well thought out user interface that is perfectly suited to those who will be using it on a day to day basis. The design is clean and responsive, working well on all manner of devices.

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