GlassHouse Botanics – New Website Redesign

GlassHouse Botanics - Responsive Website Design

Who: GlassHouse Botanics Inc. is a privately held Canadian corporation in the business of cultivating and processing pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis flower and derivatives. They have been a client of Baytek’s for over three years now.

How: GlassHouse reached out to Baytek in 2018 as a start-up medical cannabis producer – they were in need of branding and website design. Now three years after that initial project, and now an established player in the industry, it was time to refocus their attention to the website and refine their messaging. During our strategy sessions we determined the new target audiences and exactly what they wanted to see and hear on the website. That allowed us to retune the content and imagery, and refresh the entire design. While not a complete departure from that initial vision, the resulting website design has a much more focused message and should ultimately garner more quality leads for GlassHouse.

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