New Website Launch | Sevita International

Who: SEVITA is actively engaged at every step of specialty non-GMO soybean and Certified Seed production. This gives us valuable insight into the entire process from soybean research, to production, to the end-user, and provides you with a controlled and sustainable supply of quality products. Controlling all aspects of soybean development and supply enables Sevita to deliver high-quality soybeans and Certified Seed tailored to your requirements — with the advantages of quality, security, food safety and traceability.

Solution: As a company that is involved in every step of soybean production, SEVITA handles a complex process. Baytek was therefore invited to come up with a solution to display this. Working hand in hand with our client, Baytek developed the Circle of Life which is the pillar of the Website. Using Javascript techniques and no flash, the Circle of Life is a unique way to display how the soybeans go from the field to the consumer. Each step has its own landing page and unique attributes.

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