Football Canada – New Website Design

Who: Formally operating as the Canadian Amateur Football Association (CAFA), Football Canada is the National Governing Body of Canadian Amateur Football, which represents tackle, touch and flag components including players, coaches, officials and administrators.

How: Wow – this was quite the undertaking! Football Canada came to us with a huge web presence – not only was their main site hundreds of pages, but they had multiple other mini-sites and landing pages across the web. The eventual idea is to bring them all under one roof – for now, we started with the main site and we will continue to work with Football Canada to bring everything under the one umbrella. After the initial discovery session, we set about restructuring the information architecture into a more coherent and user friendly system. This allowed us to streamline the website and remove any unnecessary or outdated content. From here, we worked on a more dynamic and engaging design – one that worked for all audiences – from players to coaches to officials. The result is a beautifully re-imagined web presence for Football Canada.

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