is now launched!

Congratulations goes out to for the launch of their new website. We would like to share an email that was sent to us as a thank you for the work that we did to make their new website something special.

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From Sean Desjardins:

“I wanted to take a minute to send you all a HUGE thank you!  It’s official, is live!  This could not have happened without each of you, I am very proud to be working with such a talented and dedicated group of people.

Just to put in perspective what we have accomplished through the last 9 months I wanted to share a few points with you;

  • researched & studied the top 100+ local search directories on the internet
  • identified & partnered with the city’s best & brightest programmers
  • developed the most unique search directory specifically for families & local businesses (I call it a “kickass tool”!!)
  • created a new brand identity which I am certain will one day be positioned in award winning marketing campaigns
  • gathered and lead a team of professionals to execute our business plan (many working tirelessly for a start-up that could make no promises)
  • partnered with the MAW foundation, the local charity that unquestionably has the most positive impact on children & families in our community
  • collected ~1000 local business email addresses and contact names for mktg. tactics (needle in a haystack exercise!)
  • worked with more than 100+ local businesses that chose to advertise their products & services prior to an actual launch
  • completed signed advertising agreements with strategic local businesses who believe & want to participate in our mission
  • listed & advertised mompreneurs, retail pillars in our community, Senators & Scotiabank organizations, award winning local businesses & the list goes on…
  • launched a social media plan that drove >2,000 visits/views to a facebook page for a business which hadn’t even launched!
  • 2 days before CTA for our launch offer received 29 additional Hub Partner requests to extend the promotion in order to accommodate vacations & busy schedules.

They understand first-hand the importance of quality time at home. Parents are busy enough raising, educating and entertaining children and cannot afford to waste their precious time trolling the internet for resources. Therefore, created this site to help refine your web search for any local family-related products and services. It will minimize the time you spend looking for what you actually want.”