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Waterpower provides more than 60% of Canada’s electricity and is the second largest generator in the world, ensuring our electricity grid is one of the cleanest globally. WaterPower Canada came to Baytek in need of a full rebranding and website design and the results speak for themselves.

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What we did

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WPC - Discovery Document

An Ocean Of Possibilities

As is true with most national associations, WaterPower Canada has three key audiences to communicate with in order to accomplish effective knowledge transfer: their members, policy makers and the public. A fourth target audience was unearthed during the discovery session, which we named “influencers”.

During the discovery session we also dove into what makes Hydropower such a fantastic energy source, and expanded these points into key messages that would be later used on the website. The staff at WaterPower Canada are truly passionate about what they do, and that helped us truly get to the heart of what the new brand needed to represent.

WPC - Discussion
WPC - Discussion
WPC - Key Message

Working with Baytek was a real pleasure; from the planning phase through to execution, they made sure we could get a hold of them quickly and worked with us with great flexibility to ensure the final product was as we envisioned.

Anne-Raphaëlle Audouin

WPC - Sketches
WPC - Sketches
WPC - Sketches
WPC - Sketches

Floating A New Idea

The aim for the logo mark was to create something that encompasses everything that WaterPower Canada represents – a national association advocating for the hydropower industry, while still being simple enough to be memorable. The instinct was to use the maple leaf, indicating Canada, with a hydro twist. This took the shape of the electricity “lightning strike” symbol, and waves.

Integrated together, the symbols create a beautiful, unique shape that truly embodies the meaning of Canadian water power.

WPC - Branding Vision Layout
WPC - Hot Foil - Logo Design
WPC - Stationery Design
WPC - Social Media
WPC - Kit Folder Design
WPC - Banner Design
WPC - Business Card Design

A Powerful Message

After establishing the new visual identity, we created a one-page website for their annual conference. This gave us some time to create a truly unique experience for their main site, one that gave their users an engaging experience while getting WaterPower Canada’s powerful message across.

The first port of call was to have our customary website discovery session, which allowed us to define WaterPower Canada’s goals for their website. Beyond that, we took our target audiences one by one to determine how they would be using the website on each stage of their audience journey – from awareness all the way to advocacy. Knowing how each audience will use the website allowed us to build a hierarchy of user tasks, which ultimately determines the information architecture (IA).

From there we developed the content structure based on the approved IA, allowing WaterPower Canada to get a sense of how the content and information would be organized. With the near final content in hand, it was now on to the design team to start turning the vision into a reality.

WPC - Website Discussion

Custom. Unique. Focused.

Along with the fantastic photography provided by WaterPower Canada’s members, we developed a series of infographics that represented the key messages in an easy to understand format (and of course, easy to share on social media!). Every page of the site was designed to have a unique and interesting elements, giving more reasons for the user to explore the whole website. This all helped to create a modern, dynamic and engaging experience for the user.

WPC - Web Design Screens

Generating a custom solution

As is customary when building all our sites, we designed a custom content management experience that is intuitive for the staff at WaterPower Canada to manage their content without needing to be developers themselves. Powered by WordPress and our custom developed theme and plugins, we created many dynamically populated aspects of the site so their communications team can quickly add their resources, news, press releases, events, member and staff updates throughout the website with ease and efficiency.

Once the sites were nearing launch we trained the WaterPower Canada team on how to manage their beautiful new sites so they hit the ground running, and our support team is just an email or phone call away to assist if needed.

WPC - Website Development
WPC - Website Development
WPC - Web Design Mockup

The team has great creative ideas, is able to guide teams through sometimes complex decision making while always being pleasant and responsive. Well done!

Anne-Raphaëlle Audouin

WPC - Mobile Web Design Mockup


We created a brand that the board and all of its members are proud of. On top of creating a solid design system to help their staff with their marketing efforts, they now have two great web properties that allows them to push their narrative to all target audiences.

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