Football Canada

Formally operating as the Canadian Amateur Football Association (CAFA), Football Canada is the National Governing Body of Canadian Amateur Football, which represents tackle, touch and flag components including players, coaches, officials and administrators. Baytek designed and developed their new WordPress-based website.

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What we did

  • UX
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Wordpress CMS

Getting Involved

Football Canada’s aim was to use the website to drive involvement with the game – this included engaging with potential players, coaches and officials. The website offers resources aplenty for aspiring young athletes and those wanting to learn more about the game of football.

Football Canada - Web Design
Football Canada - Mobile Web Design

Player Proud

One of the major aspects to the website is the dynamic player profile section. This was custom-built from the ground-up to house every player that has played for Team Canada – that’s nearly 600 athletes! Each player has their own profile page, and includes which rosters they appeared on. You can then view the full roster to see who else was on the team.

Football Canada - Tablet Web Design