The new Baytek logo design

Baytek Logo Design

You may have noticed a new logo up there in the top left corner – good eye! We are currently going through a rebrand, and the first port of call was to take our identity to the next level. The next chapter will be our new website, and that will be coming very soon.

Baytek was established in 1996 when only a small handful of people were realizing the potential of the web. Since then we have served hundreds of clients across Canada and beyond, and in a wide variety of industries. As we grew, so did our service offerings. So now here we are in 2016, 20 years after we first opened our doors. We now believe Baytek lies at the perfect intersection of web and branding. We are experts at both practices, and know that in today’s digital marketing world, one can not function without the other. For this reason, we felt we needed a new logo to reflect this new dynamic, and that is what you see in the shape of the logo mark.

There will be many more things to come from Baytek based on the rebrand, such as the website as previously mentioned. So watch this space for future updates!