The NACC is the National Airlines Council of Canada, advocating for safe, environmentally responsible and competitive air travel. Baytek did a complete rebrand of their identity, print materials and bilingual website. The result was a clean, fresh new brand which clearly stated their status as the voice of Canada’s largest airlines.

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What we did

  • Branding
  • Print
  • UX
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Wordpress CMS

Making connections.

The logo mark for the NACC was created to represent a number of ideas – being a Canadian association, an association advocating for the airline industry, and connecting people across the globe. The Canadian part of the mark is represented by the maple leaf, which is a very common symbol associated with Canada. The airline part is symbolized through the darker part of the logo, and also the negative space in the leaf, creating a plane-like structure. The final part is the line in the leaf, representing connections, a path, a horizon line and a journey.

NACC Logo Formation
National Airlines Council of Canada - Logo Design Sketches
National Airlines Council of Canada - Logo Design Embroidered
National Airlines Council of Canada - Stationery

From dawn to dusk.

As the airline industry is 24/7, we had the idea of creating a home-page that reflected this dawn to dusk nature of the business. Using gradients, imagery and call-to-actions, the user gets a unique experience as they scroll through the first page. The remaining pages are interactive utilizing vivid imagery and call-out text.

National Airlines Council of Canada - Website Design
National Airlines Council of Canada - Mobile Design

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