Canadian Electricity Association

The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) is the national voice for safe, secure and sustainable electricity for all Canadians. Utilizing over 125 years of knowledge and experience, they are the go-to electricity information source. Baytek took CEA through a key messaging session and UX design process, resulting in a truly unique design.

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What we did

  • UX
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Wordpress CMS
Canadian Electricity Association - Website Design

Powering The Design

The Canadian Electricity Association’s website was starting to show its age, unlike their initiatives and social media campaigns. But what is a good campaign without a useful website to send people to? There was also three other sister websites that we needed to bring into one umbrella site – in the end we condensed 624 pages from four websites, all in under 14 weeks, with the result a modern website design that is optimized for all devices.

CEA - Mobile Design

Modern. Unique. Stunning.

From an e-commerce platform to unique infographics, from custom-built WordPress modules to uber-menus, the CEA website certainly used all our capabilities in terms of design and development. Our client put it best: “Baytek turned a daunting website rebuild into a beautiful final product on time and on budget. We weaved 624 pages on four separate sites into one modern, navigable, stunning site.

CEA - Responsive Website Design

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