Founded in 1990, Multiview was established to provide financial software solutions to companies all across North America. Multiview clients vary in size and operate in over 40 industries, with many being listed on the major North American stock exchanges. Baytek was hired to rebuild the brand from the ground up, including a revamp of their website and print materials.

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What we did

  • Branding
  • Print
  • UX
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Wordpress CMS
Multiview - Logo Design and Business Cards
Multiview - Logo Design Colours
Multiview - Logo Design Decisions

A Seamless Experience

The logo mark is essentially a letter “M” for Multiview. However, it can also be broken down as a “V” (highlighted in green) for ‘view’, a checkmark (also highlighted in green) and a stylized 3D line chart. The angle of the lower parts of the mark have been created in a way to simulate it being perched on top of a circle/globe – thus, getting the best ‘view’. Using colour we have simulated an opacity effect, which is alluding to the idea of financial transparency but also glass/windows which relates back to the ‘view’.

Multiview - Logo Design Formation
Multiview - Logo Design Embroidery
Multiview - Stationery Design
Multiview - Data Sheets
Multiview - Fun Items
Multiview - User Conference Graphics

Fully Integrated

The Multiview website expands on the established branding we had developed. Using the colour palette and the iconography we were able to bring the Multiview software to life, giving the user a dynamic and engaging experience throughout.

Multiview - Website Design
Multiview - Responsive Website Design

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