Dow’s Lake Dental

Dow’s Lake Dental is a new dental practice established by Dr. Haissam Dahan and Dr. El-Hawary, both graduates of the renowned McGill University dental program. Baytek branded the new clinic and created exterior designs as well as their website.

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What we did

  • Branding
  • Print
  • UX
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Wordpress CMS

Smiles around the corner

The idea for Dow’s Lake Dental was to produce a brand that spoke to families, students and young professionals alike, but also representing the personality and values of the dental practice. That meant creating a unique logo mark that was fresh, fun and simple, coupled with a modern font that was clinical yet approachable. Dow’s Lake is often associated with tulips because of the annual Tulip Festival which takes place in close vicinity to the lake – and with the dental practice being named after its proximity to the lake, we felt it was a great idea to use this as the basis for the logo.

Dow's Lake Dental - Logo Design Formation
Dow's Lake Dental - Embroidered Logo Design
Dow's Lake Dental - Bus Stop and Billboard

Energetic. Efficient. Compassionate.

As well as the branding and exterior sign designs, we worked on a one-page website for the new clinic. Using the same fresh and clean approach we used for the branding, we carried on that aesthetic through onto the website. It’s simple, mobile friendly and speaks to all the target audiences!

Dow's Lake Dental - Mobile Design

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