How we do it

At Baytek, we’re proudly systematic. We believe our process is what makes us unique, and what will make your company a success. We’ve even designed it to be malleable, to align with your objectives.


Every successful project starts with one!

Research & Analysis


We assist you in completing a questionnaire that will provide both of us with a clear understanding of who you are, what your objectives are, and what needs to be done to market your company to its potential.


We will research into your organization, your industry, your competitors and your suppliers. We will visit their websites looking at the messaging they are using, the functionality they are offering and the trends being followed.


We detail our findings as part of the key messaging session, utilizing the information throughout the journey of the project.

Key Messaging


We will facilitate a session with your key management which includes identification of your target audiences, your messages, brand values and personality, and a competition analysis discussion.


The session and resulting analysis will culminate in a key messaging document which you can refer back to to ensure all marketing activities are using a unified voice.



We use this meeting to establish what the goals of the project are, what your key audiences want to do or see on the website (user tasks) and how that will lead to meeting your goals.


Based on our findings during the meeting, we document the user tasks and how they relate to the goals of the project, shaping the information architecture (IA). The document also includes a content plan and decisions to optimize your rankings on search engines (SEO).


In order for us to judge the comparative success of the new website, we install a Google Analytics script on your current website that enables us to get a sampling of how it is performing based on the measurable goals outlined in the document.


Purposeful, Clean, Beautiful



As a branding specialist, we have perfected a methodology that helps us create a true vision for your brand. Research, analysis, messaging and design – we follow a process to produce unique and lasting impressions. We focus on simple yet effective logo marks combined with modern, beautiful typography. We present you with a full branding vision that will stand you in good stead for the years to come.


Once the branding design is complete, we develop the marketing materials you need to put your name out into the world. This includes anything from stationery to advertisements to tradeshow booths, and everything in between.

Content Structure


Our philosophy at Baytek is to build our websites around the content, rather than build an empty site and shoehorn content inside of it. In the end, the website needs to tell a story to the key audiences, and we want to know what the story is before we start to think about design.


We start to build a structure based on the IA and the user tasks outlined in the website plan, utilizing content we have at hand (key messages, previous website, marketing materials etc.). We highlight any missing content at this stage.


Now we have the basic structure, we can start to fill in the few remaining blanks. Depending on the size of the website and what is left, we may suggest to bring in one of our partners to help write and edit the content.

Visual Design

User Experience (UX)

Using the content structure and the user tasks outlined in the website plan, we can now start to think about the experience for the end user. Where do they want to go and how can we get them there?


Once we have developed the layout of the website, we can start to develop out the styles across the website populating it with colour and imagery. This takes into account photography treatment, icon design and infographic development.


We upload all of our designs onto an online viewing platform. This enables us to add tour-points to explain how certain elements of the website will function.


Upon a solid foundation



We have a state-of-the-art development and testing environment that includes version control software, ticketing systems, development, staging and production environments. This helps to ensure data integrity, proper testing and quality control of all of our sites.

Content Management System (CMS)

Not all CMS’ are created equal and at Baytek we go the extra mile to ensure managing your website’s content is easy and intuitive. Special care is taken so that content creators can focus on producing beautiful and engaging content without the assistance of a developer.

Visual Content Creation


If there are still some gaps in the website visuals, we have options! Baytek has aligned itself with the best visual content creators in the region – from photographers to videographers to animators, we are here to ensure your website content truly represents your brand’s story.


Once the site is fully developed, we populate the site with your final content. As well as inputting the content, we optimize all visual elements to ensure quick page loads for your visitors.


Testing & QA

Now the final content is inputted, we can start the quality assurance process. We put the site through a rigorous series of tests including browser compatibility, device compatibility and accessibility compliance.


Once the testing is complete, it’s time to launch the website. We run through our checklist to ensure all the boxes are ticked, and let you know when the new website has been deployed.


Our websites all adhere to Google’s “SEO best practices”. A Google site map shall be generated and the site will be registered with Google. More information can be found here.


Looking after your site, and ensuring it’s meeting your goals!



Google Analytics will be integrated into the website. This will provide you with all the statistics about visits to your site that you will ever need. We also include a script that automatically hooks the Google Analytics to external links, mailto email addresses and document downloads.

Custom Tracking

Tracking user behaviour or other custom tracking methods can help us make sound decisions when we review the business goals and how the website is contributing towards them.


As part of our support plan we will send a report to see how the website is performing in terms of the goals we set out in the website plan. Based on the results, we may recommend some updates to the site.



Our support system is tightly integrated with our development process and we use an advanced ticketing system to manage all of our requests.  You will have access to our online ticketing system so you can create and manage your current requests, or if you prefer you can send them in via email or just give us a call.


If for any reason you need to escalate a ticket our senior staff and president are always just a phone call away. At Baytek we feel we are in that sweet spot where we are large enough to handle your more complex requests but small enough to offer that personal touch.


This may include anything from online banners and advertisements for placement on your social media accounts and on other websites or new content to your own website, to brochures, billboards, trade-show booths, and so on. Whatever you need, we’ll deliver.

Maintenance & Protection

Platform Maintenance

The first step in protecting your website is to keep the chosen platform up to date with security and bug patches. For this we will monitor platform and plugin patch availability, assess the available updates and apply them in a timely manner.

Network Protection

In addition to the Platform Maintenance described above – which will keep the site up to date and help to protect it from known and future malware attempts, we will include network level protections against distributed attacks from known malicious IPs and brute force login protections so your CMS is secure.

Automatic Backups

Keeping backups of your website is important as lost data can range from annoying to irreplaceable. That’s why we put automated processes in place to keep backing up your website just in case disaster strikes.

Let's talk

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