Website Retrospective: Xan Woods


Alexandra Woods began painting as a means of drawing attention to international social injustices and human rights violations. This preoccupation led Woods to study Human Rights at Carleton University, where she acquired further knowledge of the conflicts surrounding the establishment and application of universal human rights, which is reflected in her artistry.

Website Retrospective: Nicolini Construction


Over the last thirty years the Nicolini firm has successfully responded to the ever-changing construction industry and has continued to grow. They continually make efforts to keep abreast of construction updates as well as trends in the construction market on an ongoing basis. They are recognized members of the Ottawa Construction Association, Canadian Construction Association and General Contractors Association of Ottawa.

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Website Retrospective: Fuller Construction


Over the last 149 years, Thomas Fuller Construction Ltd. has played a significant leadership role in the construction and restoration of distinctive, and heritage, buildings. This family owned and operated company has been (and continues to be) responsible for the completion of over 790 individual projects; it is without doubt, one of Ottawa’s most successful family run businesses.

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